Unity pro OFS


Unity pro OFS


I am new with schneider so i will seem like beginner.


I have unity pro xl v13. And i have it working fine.

I am making a scada program in which i will use M580 variables... they seem a lot ... need 2000 variables so far and it is hard to add each variable at a time, that is where the OFS comes in, when i try to follow the tutorials on youtube made by schneider experts to the letter... i seem to get an error that tells me that i don't have a license for the OFS.

My question is, does the OFS server requires a license for it or is it activated when you activate Unity pro XL because if it is the 2nd option then i might have a problem that i need help with please. If not, can someone please explain it to me and thank you.



Re: Unity pro OFS

OFS is a separate product and will require a software license.. If you are using a SCADA software package check with the manufacture to see if the Schneider Electric OFS server license is include. Schneider Electric currently offers OPC DA and OPC UA software. Both of these packages will run for a period of time in "demo" mode, which will allow you to test the software.