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Lieutenant JG

To clear and put M580 CPU to NO CONF state

Resolution – To clear and put M580 CPU to NO CONF state

For M580, there are two ways to clean the application &configuration:

  • Try to download an application, and before the downloading finish plug-out the USB.
    1. Can use Unity Loader to transfer .STU file, or
    2. Use Unity Pro XL software for transferring.
  • Using Unity function PLC --> Project Backup --> Backup Clear
  • for point 1 you can also use Unity loader

The above result will make M580 CPU into NO CONF state.


Transfer application by using SD-card

Required a good working M580 CPU. Insert the Schneider SD-card into the CPU and download the application into the SD-card. New downloaded application will be saved into the Schneider SD-card.

Use this SD-card and insert into the troubled CPU and power ON it. The application will be recovered and transferred into the RAM of the M580 CPU.

Michael Chan Kum Yuen

Re: To clear and put M580 CPU to NO CONF state

Very interesting! Thanks for sharing @Michael_Chan 



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