NOC 321 IO Scanning

Lieutenant JG

NOC 321 IO Scanning

The BME NOC 321 can forward packets from its Control network (SCADA/Programming) to the Field Network (CPU). However, is it possible to use the IP forwarding to read data from devices on a different domain to the M580?

For example, my M580 CPU is at address 172.168.16. 10 and I want to read data from a device at


When I try to add a device to the NOC 321 I get a message saying that it must be in the same domain as the field network, i.e. 172.16.x.x the same as the CPU.

Lieutenant JG

Re: NOC 321 IO Scanning

Hello Richard,


You can use READ_VAR and WRITE_VAR functions to communicate to other subnets  through a router/IP forwarding. 

If you like to use IO-scanner for this purpose, the BMENOC0301/311 modules support IP addresses on a different subnet.

Minimum version of BMENOC firmware should be 2.05 (latest =2.16).



Sr Solution Architect (SAE Master)