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Lieutenant JG

M580 with TM3BCEIP



is it possible to use TM3BCEIP (TM3 bus couple) in M580? in datasheet it support for Modbus end EIP.


possible Architecture: Redundant CPU, with low cost I/O.


Re: M580 with TM3BCEIP

Hello. Yes it is possible, through the use of DTMs. You can use a Generic Modbus TCP DTM to add the TM3 IO as a device in your M580 DIO (Distributed IO) network. 



Re: M580 with TM3BCEIP

Not sure it is enough to have the IO scanner available in the controller. It will work, if you know how to reach the information in the TM3. I have found some information on the links below:

Modbus Server:

EIP Server:


Lieutenant JG

Re: M580 with TM3BCEIP

@Gilly & @Eric_Coudurier 


yes I found that too. but I didn't found how to configure this TM3BCEIP without M251/241/262.

I was try to config by web browser, but it say "Bus coupler disabled" and I thought it should enabled by Machine expert with M251/241/262 CPU.


Re: M580 with TM3BCEIP

This is currently not supported...


Re: M580 with TM3BCEIP

Well i thought it would be as simple as scanning a Modbus TCP device in the network.