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Integrated Remote Operations Center (IROC)

Digitalization integrates IT and OT, creating the opportunity to centralize the monitoring and control functions of all mining processes and operations to a single physical location. It has been shown that an IROC increases efficiency, responsiveness and profitability across the mining value chain. This is why, in a recent survey, 7/10 mining companies are looking at remote operation centers for future applications.


Four Key Benefits of an IROC:


1) Safety: Improves operational safety by keeping your employees out of harm’s way as much as possible.


2) Leverage Increasingly Scarce Expertise: Creating remote “centers of excellence” allows expertise to be shared amongst multiple locations.


3) Meeting the Demands of a Changing Workforce: The technical workforce of tomorrow demands a quality of life not always available at remote mining sites. An IROC attracts more talent with its “high tech / high performance” culture.


4) Increase Workforce Efficiency: Comfort and access to collaborators greatly increases workforce efficiency.


Schneider and AVEVA have good solution for this Integration Remote Operations Centers for example the backbone of solution can be based on System Platform + Intouch OMI. Schneider and AVEVA already have some great project references for IROC for oil & gas company, mining, infrastructure.

Please let me know if you have any IROC opportunity with your clients.



Gunawan Adisaputra

Re: Integrated Remote Operations Center (IROC)

Great insights ! What would be from your viewpoint some of the key factor of success to achieve such solution?


Re: Integrated Remote Operations Center (IROC)

Here i attached the road map (step by step phase) in order customer achieve the final goals of this digital transformation to have business intelligence (enterprise visibility) by doing this Integrated Remote Operation Center project.


By knowing where the situation of customer right now (their current asset) and their final goal with IROC, then we can create solution road map together with customer.


For example, most of customer is in "control room" step where they have island control systems and operating is silos.

In order to achieve final goal (enterprise visibility- comprehensive pit to port operations: in MMM for example), the road map is we need to go to step "Central Control room" first (where we will standardize accross HMI, process system, centralize the information. In this Central Control room step we will build the back bone solution for the customer for example using Wonderware System Platform + Intouch HMI + dedicated Historian solution (as needed).



Gunawan Adisaputra