How to create a pattern in Ecostruxure Control Expert - Asset Link?


How to create a pattern in Ecostruxure Control Expert - Asset Link?

Ecostruxure Control Expert - Asset Link uses sample assets to generate the rules for a pattern. To create a pattern the engineer must create a sample of the controller logic and a configured instance of a template in System Platform.


Asset Identification

They identifier for these assets is their name. The name used within System Platform for the instance of the object (AG1001) must be used as the prefix for ALL controller resources (DFBs, DDTs .. ). Using this approach Asset Link can identify a set of DFBs or DDTs which form part of the same asset configuration. A pattern MUST relate to a single template within System Platform.


Optional Resources

Multiple DFBs and DDTs can be used to allow for a modular control library where different assets of the same general type can contain a selection of features. A pump may or may not have a local panel. The local panel option is a separate control module but it must have the same prefix. Using this approach Asset Link can also support systems where each variable is defined as a separate tag, provided they have a common prefix.


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Every Option

Asset Link uses the configuration of the sample asset to generate rules so its important that ALL configuration is complete. If there CAN be an optional function block it should be configured. If there can be 15 failure conditions then Condition1-15 must all contain text which matches with the supervision. The text used must only be unique to generate the relationship between text in that controller location and the matching attribute within System Platform


Asset Identification

Asset Link asks the engineer to identify controller elements (DFBs, DDTs) which are required (non-optional) elements of the asset. The required DFBs are used to allow Asset Link to identify the asset. While not used for identification all the rules associated within option function blocks are executed IF the function block is available. In this way the supervision can detect that the control element is missing and adapt its operation.


Rule Validation

Once Asset Link has generated the rules associated with a pattern they should be validated (manually). the rules are easy to read and the engineer should check that each expected rule is present. Then the rule can be applied to the configuration to generate a set of new templates.


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