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This forum is addressing industrial automation design & engineering, operations, asset performance, cyber security and digital transformation for Plants & Machines.
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How are you protecting your industrial control system from cyber security threats/attacks?

One of the easiest and successful ways to launch an attack in a manufacturing facility is to change an automation’s device program data. There are many products that claim to protect a facility from an attack and while many are useful, none can fully protect control logic from being changed inadvertently or maliciously. 


An integrated approach to cybersecurity is necessary for comprehensive protection and it must include the management of automated device programs and their changes. Read this Schneider Electric blog article for information on this topic and get recommendations on different ways to prepare, detect and recover from an attack on program data. 


Denial of service is real, even in most surprising places

"Horror story" with a piece of practicality attached


Few years ago a customer asked for a solution for remote control of water gates.

The solution partners proposed, included simple GPRS routers which worked flawlessly most of the time.

The word "most" was a big problem for the customer as they required a reliable system.


After months of debugging including change to WiFi solution the problem was identified - a frequent military convoy, supplying a base in the mountain passed slowly next to the remote location. Often they had radio suppression on some of their machines.


Modbus cable solved it.



Аdvanced support on PLCs and HMIs for fun and glory