HTTP API Post requests to a specify URL


HTTP API Post requests to a specify URL

Is there a Function Block in Somachine to create a basic HTTP API Post request to a specify URL?


Something like https://www.abc.com//DataApi/NewReading?data=DSTRT|25062019112205|00001|DEND


The processor is question is a M251SESE connected to the internet with LTE router.


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Llewelyn Louw



Re: HTTP API Post requests to a specify URL



I have not tried to do anything like this - HTTP implementation on a PLC, that is a bit away from where I am a bit more comfortable, but have you had a look at this library,


and that Example guide:


Perhaps it would be enough to get a TCP connection to get it going in a more simple way...


Besides httpS is a show stopper. Not there yet.

You could consider the MQTT perhaps (soon over TLS, in M262):



Who knows - maybe someone will suggest better idea...

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Re: HTTP API Post requests to a specify URL

Thank you Kamen


I haven't seem some of the reference material. In the end, what I did was to use a 3rd party Linux based solution running Node Red to read the values from the PLC (Modbus) and handle the http request in Node Red.


MQTT was not an option in this case as the API (with the http Post implementation) was provided by the client. It seem the M262 will open a lot of doors for us in the future - fingers crossed.


Llewellyn Louw



Re: HTTP API Post requests to a specify URL



FYI, related topic inside EcoStruxure Machine Expert (the new name of SoMachine)


    • There is a project example with Modicon M262 that presents the way to use either HTTPs or MQTTs protocols within dedicated 

      A guide called "MQTT Handling Example Guide" is also delivered (Software > Libraries, Templates and Examples > Example Guides > MQTT Handling Example Guide)
The project examples can be found inside EcoStruxure Machine Expert software:  File > new project > From Example