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Generic JBus Driver parameters - PowerScada Operation 9.0

Hi, I'm using Socomec Countisbury E04 meters in PDUs in my PSO project. I've created a profile using JBUS driver. When I create my device profile for exporting to my project there are a number of parameters that I can select for the driver, CacheRefresh, MaxBlockRead etc. I've searched the help documentation and driver help reference but can't find any info on the JBUS driver. Could someone point me I the right direction on where I can get more information on the driver parameters used in PSO like JBus.


Thanks in advance for any support and guidance. 


Kind regards,




Re: Generic JBus Driver parameters - PowerScada Operation 9.0

Hello @sesa7233_bridge , I think you can help @Gavin_Bryson for the question above


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Re: Generic JBus Driver parameters - PowerScada Operation 9.0

Hello @Gavin_Bryson,


I'm not familiar with PowerScada Operation 9.0, but I'm more familair with protocols.


JBUs is very similar to Modbus, there are just few differences, mainly the way the data is displayed.

So to me, the parameters that you can see there are intimately related to Modbus protocol.


The CacheRefresh would correspond to a background polling rate, the MaxBlockRead would correspond to the size of the data you would use for this driver (if you want to limit it for any reason like using old device not supporting high number of data or if youy want to expand it to transfer large tables)...


In the FAQ, you will find different manuals in which you would get information about the different settings:


See for example the "Performance Tuning Parameters" in the PowerSCADA Expert 8.2 Help Manual.pdf (p. 274 and next).


I hope this helps.





Re: Generic JBus Driver parameters - PowerScada Operation 9.0

Thanks Jérôme, perfect, I'll review the document. Thanks for your help