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D6000 Galvanic Isolators by GM International

Lieutenant JG
Lieutenant JG

D6000 Galvanic Isolators by GM International

Originally published on GMI blog by GM International| May 15, 2019


GM International's D6000 series of galvanic isolators is the best solution when it comes to simple, reliable and cost-effective solutions for all non-hazardous industrial plant applications, requiring the utmost care and accuracy.

These are not intrinsically safe isolators, TUV certified for integration with SIL 2 or SIL 3 systems, therefore offering extremely high reliability features, such as to be recommended for any industrial setting.

Typical applications range from standard analog or digital input, from temperature conversion (available in different procedures for D6072 products) to special applications where an alarm threshold is required (D6254, D6212, D6231 or D6273). Each of these units is expected to achieve a life cycle of 20 years and is designed to offer the highest possible reliability and availability, thanks to high-level components for use at high temperatures, low-dissipation circuits and the absence of electrolytic capacitors.


Features of the D6000 series

The D6000 series is made up of highly compact models, whether single, dual or quadruple channel. For each channel, in fact, an average of 6 mm is required for all the main applications, thanks to the innovative design of the circuits implemented with advanced mounting systems. It results in low thicknesses, typically about 12 mm, making it possible to install a large number of channels in a small area.

The outer case is also equipped with removable terminal blocks with an engraved identification code for quick and error-proof replacement; the case itself is also laser engraved to prevent parameters, diagrams, connections and warnings from becoming unreadable over time. The transparent front cover completely protects the circuits, allowing however to see the supply, status and line fault for open circuit or short-circuiting identification LEDs. These elements all contribute to making the D6000 series of galvanic isolators easy to install, use and maintain, guaranteed to work over a temperature ranging from -40°C to +70°C, proving efficient performance even in unfavorable environmental conditions.

The galvanic isolation of the three connections (input, output, power supply), which eliminates noise and ground loops, completes the product. Electromagnetic compatibility is guaranteed not only in compliance with typical industrial environment standards, but also for installation in safety instrumented systems. Complete coating makes the module suitable for installation in harsh G3 environment.

24 V power supply, either through the dedicated clips, or through the Power Bus connector on DIN-Rail, can be disconnected from the module without being interrupted so as to avoid internal circuit issues.

Reliability and easiness even in case of on-site setup, by operating DIP-switches for basic models, or by removing the front panel and connecting via software with the additional PPC5092 interface for the most demanding ones: through a practical USB adapter and the SWC5090 software, the D6000 series modules can be configured, monitoring and writing the characteristic parameters of the unit, plus a number of extra functions.

Therefore, these are the common features of GM International's D6000 series, the result of more than 40 years of experience in the electronics industry and in highly hazardous environments.

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