Control Expert V14.1 Variables Data Editor


Control Expert V14.1 Variables Data Editor



Has anyone had the following issue and know how to prevent it from occurring?


The variables data editor shows that there are no variables at all in the project.

To get the variables back you have to close and re-open the variable editor and then they show up as normal.

Lieutenant JG

Re: Control Expert V14.1 Variables Data Editor

Please ensure that you do not have any filters active.  In before image you seem to have active the filtering option.  By closing and re opening it typically resets the display.


Not applicable in your case but one that traps people is missing the "*" in the search bar.


If you still have issues please report this to your technical support team.

Senior Technical Sales Consultant - PAC

Re: Control Expert V14.1 Variables Data Editor

Hi Trinxs,


There are no filters active.

The filter icon will go blue as shown in the attached screenshot when there is a filter active.

The blue squares that you are referring to are simply because that is the last item that was clicked on.


While it's not shown in the screenshots I originally attached there were also no type filters active (i.e. EDT, DDT, IODDT, Device DDT).


Re: Control Expert V14.1 Variables Data Editor

Hi @bprobertson,


This is the second anomaly you encountered with Control Expert V14.1.  My suspicion is that this may be related to dependencies (like .NET components) that get installed along with Control Expert.


I've not encountered this problem you described (yet), or the other issue with the DFB editor. BUT, whenever I did have issues with Control Expert, the problems were caused by other software packages I installed that use common files shared with Control Expert.

Do you have any of the following installed? :

- Remote Connect (the SCADAPack x70 programming package)

- Hybrid DCS

- EcoStruxure Plant Builder

- EcoStruxure Machine Expert


Also, what version of Windows are you running?


A simple test might be to installed control expert in a Virtual Machine and see if the problems persist there.