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Indoor geolocation project

Crewman Crewman

Indoor geolocation project

A good step forward about Indoor Geolocation has been made at SETBT this week.

Thanks to Ubudu company, winner of the Bold Idea Challenge 2018 APAC, and Schneider Innovation team, we have been able to make a full trial at SETBT to assess how the current technology can support us to improve our industrial performance.


The Ultrawide band technology used by Ubudu allows to follow tags with an accuracy of 20/30 cm, which is more than enough to allow:

  • Equipment follow-up across the full production process,
  • Lean analysis as Spaghetti Diagram or product flow optimization
  • Virtual fences allowing automatic alerts when products or tools are moving in/out a dedicated area
  • … and much more 😉

This technology is clearly now ready to be used and we are happy to share with you our feedback about it.

Please have a review on the following video made from this trial at SETBT: 



Do not hesitate to comment if you have any question.