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IBM FabLab


IBM FabLab



"The main mission of IBM's FabLab is to allow us to be more agile in the design of our solutions and to confront technologies with the reality of the industry with our partners". Christophe Didier – IBM France IoT CTO.


One of the main challenges for industrial companies is to link digital technology (IoT, artificial intelligence, data analysis, etc.) to equipment that is often "disconnected". The IBM FabLab is a technological and human integration: IBM, which has its own solutions in IoT, artificial intelligence and Cloud, surrounds itself with partners for networks, hard-ware or PLCs in order to develop functional prototypes that can be developed on a large scale.


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"The FabLab is a place where IBM and its partners have all the time and the tools to work together and achieve perfectly calibrated solutions at a controlled cost. For example, it would be impossible to go to a manufacturer and ask him to stop his production line for a week to implement the solutions we have imagined for his line", explains Christophe Didier, CTO for IoT at IBM.










- The connected production line

Recovery of data from industrial automatons thanks to sensors and analysis by machine learning algorithms.


- The augmented operator

Integration of connected objects in the outfit or tools of technicians or operators to accompany them in their tasks.


- The smart site

Integration of temperature, humidity and presence sensors in buildings to optimise energy consumption and room occupancy.


- The "track and trace" system

Optimization of logistics flows (pallets, trucks, etc.) between sites at national, European or global level.





The FabLab is part of the global support strategy for industries.


Global Industry Solution Center

 Immersive demonstration space of innovative technologies by sector of activity.


IBM Studio

Co-creation center where tomorrow's uses are invented with a strong emphasis on design thinking.


IBM FabLab

Co-development of a first version with customers and partners.


Scale Zone

Scale-up of innovations with a network of startups.


IBM FabLab


Equipped with numerically controlled machines, industrial automata, oscilloscopes, electrical and electronic tools, capture and measuring instruments, the IBM FabLab is an essential device in the global strategy of digitalization of industries.



Image analysis is one of the fields where artificial intelligence brings a real gain of time. On a production line, the objective is to identify non-compliant products more quickly, in a process of quality improvement.

It is in IBM's FabLab that the engineers have trained in artificial intelligence: car parts are photographed from various angles using an industrial camera. IBM Cognitive Services and Datas Science expertise then uses the images to create a model that automatically identifies defects on the assembly lines.


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Christophe Didier

CTO IoT/Industry 4.0 – IBM France