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Full redundant topology to connect Profibus PA field devices to EcoStruxure Modicon M580 solutions with Modbus TCP for MMM & WWW applications

Simple integration and Asset Management of PROFIBUS PA Slave devices via Modicon Modbus control systems


Our Gateways for multi-protocol process enable direct interconnection of various protocols and field devices.

They reduce engineering costs by using existing assets & increase the scope of network management.


mbGate PA is a gateway for connecting PROFIBUSPA field devices to Modbus TCP controllers like Modicon M580, without DP intermediate segment.


Technical Features:


Acts as Modbus TCP Server and PROFIBUS PA Master

  • Possible to integrate up to 4 PROFIBUS PA segment and supports up to 64 PROFIBUS PA field devices

Configuration, parametrization and Asset Management based on major Modbus-Engineering-Tools

  • Supports major tools like Schneider Control Expert (tested and approved)
  • EDD-based device parametrization

Asset Management via FDT / DTM and Field Device Expert from Schneider Electric

  • CommDTM for access to Profibus PA field devices

High Availability option (full redundancy: 2 controllers + 2 devices)

  • Prevent network downtime 
  • Tested with EcoStruxure Modicon M580 Controllers


Typical Topology (full redundancy): 


Schneider_Electric_Forum_mbGate_PA_rgb_300dpi (1).jpg


Video: How to configure Modbus TCP registers with Unity Pro:





Additional Information: 



User Manual