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Electronic Batch Record report for Flexible Batch Manufacturing

Administrator Administrator

Electronic Batch Record report for Flexible Batch Manufacturing



I would like to announce the availability of Electronic Batch Record Report template on Schneider Electric Exchange.


The Electronic Batch Record report, specifically designed to be used on top of the software from AVEVA (Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus, Wonderware Historian, etc.), has been built with very re-usable sub-reports that could also be used separately for many other purposes.


The report contextualizes batch activity, process variable trends, alarms & events, user's activity, etc. and becomes a single source of information. The Developer or End User can customize the report layout to show or hide optional sections (trends, alarms and events)



Reduces Engineering Efforts

The ready-to-use, open resources (report and sub-reports) help Developers quickly and easily deliver value to the End User. The sub-reports can be used separately to build reports for many other purposes. They are open, modular and customizable by means of parameters, so the Developer can adapt them easily to the specific needs of every project.


Provides Data Integrity

To produce the EBR, data used from the report is automatically queried from the batch control, time series and alarms & events history databases, without any manual manipulation of the data. The EBR can then be saved in nonmodifiable format (for instance, PDF), so the data integrity is secured.


Facilitates Quality Assurance

The EBR allows Quality Assurance to easily analyze the batch process and determine its adherence to the standard procedures and the decision-making process for releasing lots. It also brings evidence of compliance for inspection.



The following are the screenshots of sections from a sample report generated using the EBR report template.



1.pngFigure 1: Formula Parameters Section



2.pngFigure 2: Process Variables Section



3.pngFigure 3: Process Variables Statistics Section




Figure 4: Batch Activities Section


5.pngFigure 5: User Actions Section





Figure 6: Alarms Section


7.pngFigure 7: Events Section



The report templates are free and open source: please visit the product profile page for more details.


If you have any feedback or questions, please let us know in the comments section below.