Effective cybersecurity solutions and the Cybersecurity Tech Accord

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Effective cybersecurity solutions and the Cybersecurity Tech Accord


Earlier today, Schneider Electric joined more than a hundred other industry thought leaders and forward thinkers as a signatory to the Cybersecurity Tech Accord. Like us, these companies are committed to the fundamental principles that encourage and guide deeper, more productive conversations among the stakeholders who are responsible for cybersecurity solutions for our digital economy and ecosystem. Among these principles, Cybersecurity Tech Accord signatories have agreed to “partner with each other and with likeminded groups to enhance cybersecurity,” which is music to our ears.


Almost daily we see that taking on new, innovative and increasingly dangerous threats can’t be limited to a single company, industry or region. When it comes to cybersecurity, many companies are very conservative– sometimes for good reasons– but that needs to change. At Schneider Electric, we believe the most effective way to change global cyber culture is to encourage a collaborative approach.



Our approach is simple. We will collaborate to:


  • Educate the ecosystem: It is an economic and social imperative to improve awareness and upgrade the technology skills necessary to take on increasingly complex, diverse threats.
  • Secure the value chain: We start on the home front to improve our company’s posture and then help others to extend the same level of security vigilance across the ecosystem (from the enterprise to suppliers to partners).
  • Achieve systemic impact and change: By engaging global to local, across industries, NGOs and government stakeholders, we seek to influence and help you stake a claim on the cybersecurity frontier.


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