IT/OT Reference Designs


IT/OT Reference Designs

No one company can deliver all the components that comprise a fully functional industrial edge computing solution. That’s why Schneider Electric has cultivated relationships with the most respected global brands of IT compute, storage, and network equipment to develop a network of partners that can deliver reliable, long-term solutions. We’ve also worked hard to pre-configure complete solutions that are ready to implement — so you can have peace of mind that all the components will work together as intended.


The result? New industrial edge computing reference designs co-developed with AVEVA, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Lenovo, and Stratus Technologies. The reference designs are configurations of hardware, software, networking, and storage components approved by their respective manufacturers. These can even be customized to a client’s specific installation needs. You can access the industrial edge computing reference designs via the links below:



We hope you find these reference designs useful!



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