Micro data centers: The Perfect Choice for Edge Computing

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Micro data centers: The Perfect Choice for Edge Computing

With the explosion of connected devices and data applications, bandwidth, latency and processing speed are becoming big concerns. It’s hard to keep up with the fast pace of business if your data can’t keep up.


This is becoming an even greater concern as more devices are connecting —from machine to machine (M2M), Industrial Internet of Things, augmented reality to smart cars.


While wearables, for example, still have a low adoption rate, sales are expected to surge: IDC expects 45.7 million wearable tech gadgets to ship globally this year, spurred by the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear and Motorola Moto 360, according to IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker, published March30, 2015.


This growing quantity of data will need to be processed and analyzed in real time, having a transformational effect on the data center market and the technologies needed to support it.




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