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EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert 7 | Architectures

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EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert 7 | Architectures


This 7th Geo SCADA tutorial video describes the various architectures options that can be implemented with EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert, the dedicated SCADA software for remote SCADA & Telemetry applications.

Geo SCADA can be set up in a wide variety of architectures to suit your need for redundancy, scalability, networking and plant or asset geographies.
- The simplest architecture is a single server connecting to remote devices. Its communication drivers are retrieving data and enabling control because the server is in a mode called ‘Main’. All data is stored on the server, and one or more ViewX clients are displaying that.
- Add a second server to enable redundancy. This server is in ‘Standby’ mode. If the first server has failed or stopped, the second takes over data gathering, control and client connections. When the first server is restored, its data is automatically resynchronized and within seconds to minutes it’s ready to go Main when needed.
- Add a third redundant server, which is synchronized from the Main server. There are configuration options to control the priority of servers, so you can prefer changeover to A and B over C.
- Geo SCADA has built-in configuration features to detect and mitigate undesirable redundant server operation in the event of a network failure.
- Clients can be configured to connect and retrieve data from Standby servers. 
- By adding more servers (called Performance Firewalls) in a mode called ‘Standby Only’, or ‘Permanent Standby’, they act as synchronized copies of the database. There can be up to four, providing data to hundreds of clients. The built-in historian can be set up for a longer time period of storage for these servers – perhaps 10 or more years. An architecture involving Standby-Only servers would usually incorporate network firewalls, and this provides an architecture which separates control operations from business. There are built-in features in Geo SCADA for controlling the permissible activities from each type of server.
- Everything discussed here is part of the Geo SCADA server and client software, and configured with simple screens.



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