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EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert 6 | Licensing Virtual ViewX

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EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert 6 | Licensing Virtual ViewX


This Geo SCADA tutorial video outlines the steps required to license the Geo SCADA Expert Virtual ViewX server.


Note: Unlike the GeoSCADA server and previous ClearSCADA versions, all Virtual ViewX servers must be licensed before they can be used.


- From the Start menu, choose the ‘Virtual ViewX Manager’ app.


- On startup, and if not licensed, the license type dialog is shown.


- If you wish to choose a free trial license, your server must have an internet connection with no proxy requirements. We recommend you select ‘Activate a Serial Number Offline’


Note: For offline activation, you should request and have received a Virtual ViewX Serial Number.


- Enter the Serial Number in the dialog, and click Generate Activation Key. You need to send this Activation Key, exactly as it appears, to Schneider Electric Licensing, and you’ll receive a Validation Key in return.


- The Validation Key is over 2000 characters long, and must be pasted in exactly as received, with no line breaks or extra spaces. Once you have pasted it in, click Next, and the app will check that it is OK.


- Click ‘Finish’, which takes you to the main screen of the Virtual ViewX Manager.


- Verify that Geo SCADA Expert runs and that ViewX starts and connects to the database.


- The host will be restarted.


- Start a web browser and access Virtual ViewX. Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox or others are supported


- The web site is just the host name and port 85. You’re asked for your username. Please use a Geo SCADA database user, as the Super User created to install Geo SCADA can’t be used on the browser for security reasons.


- After login, the Virtual ViewX server will spin up the client and present it to you. Mimics, trends, and popup windows can now be displayed


- To end the session, either close the browser, logout of all databases or use the exit menu.


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