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EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert 2 | Client Tour

Commander Commander

EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert 2 | Client Tour


The second of this series, this video covers the client's operation by touring the features of ViewX. Steve describes the windows and tabs, types of display, and how to navigate through them.


This video covers the main features of the Geo SCADA Expert - ViewX client  and its configuration. In brief, the main features are as follows:


- Common Functions ribbon at the top of the screen
  • Moveable Alarm Banner at the bottom of the screen displaying:
  • Current alarm state, with operator interaction fields
  • Visible alarms totals: unacknowledged and acknowledged, alarm bell audio controller
  • Alarm List: live alarm states, filtered and sorted
  • Event List: all recorded changes to objects, alarm activity, user and communications actions, filtered and sorted
- Database Window on the left side of screen:
  • Displaying complete database in a hierarchy of objects
  • Database tree: containing points, devices, mimic displays, trends, logic, maps etc.
  • Expandable Groups
  • Context Menus: with access to common functions such as display (e.g trends) or configuration (e.g. point configuration)
- View Menu to display other ways to access the system, including:
  • Queries: providing live common reports, such as lists of points
  • Operator documents and favourites for saving and recalling trends or screen arrangements, and sharing with colleagues
  • Database Search: find an object by name, across one or more database systems
- Main Screen Area, configured to behave in different ways, including:
  • Multiple Document View: several items shown with arrangeable tabs
  • Single Document View: hidden tabs and only one item visible
  • Chained Mimic View: displays the next view, with Forward/Back and Home controls to navigate
  • Moveable tabs into Containers for multiple monitor-support
  • Start-Up Configuration File: defines an initial setup for each monitor, with default mimics to be shown on each
- Additional navigation techniques
- Basic Geo SCADA Expert Configuration:
  • Create a new, geographically-named group and add an instance of an outstation or PLC/RTU template
  • Set up the communications address of the device
  • Add a summary symbol of this site into our main mimic screen
  • Add the display of an analog point value
  • Show the events and the change log to see exactly what happened


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