Welcome to Schneider Electric Exchange Community!

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Welcome to Schneider Electric Exchange Community!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Schneider Electric Exchange Community! We are delighted that you have chosen to join us, and are excited for you to explore all the community has to offer.


Schneider Electric Exchange Community offers you a possibility to discuss and solve problems in energy management and automation, to join conversations and share insights on products and solutions, to Co-innovate and collaborate with a global network of peers.


If you are new in the community, check out how SE Exchange will allow you to expand your customer base and promote your services by working with partners and how to publish & market your design services.


Consider subscribing to this forum to say up to date on our continuous updates and feature enhancements on the Exchange Community. 


Don't be shy: share your questions & comments here - our team remains available to help you take the most of the SE Exchange features. 


Thank you!