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Upgrade your posts with labels & tags

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Upgrade your posts with labels & tags

 Visibility is important, classifying your posts with tags and labels will make them easier to find and foster discussion around the same topic. There is a slight difference between the two of them. We recommend you to use both to maximize your chances of being read and helped.  


A tag is a single keyword or phrase that describes the topic, theme, or subject of a post. We recommend you to use up to 5 tags to help index your post in Community and most importantly search motors search.  


Labels are used within a community to help categorize articles in a variety of discussion styles; forums, blogs, Q&A, ideas, TKBs. Labels enable you to categorize the content you write based on the themes or content in the article. 


Labels are predefined while tags are not, it means you can write any word as a relevant tag but can only choose labels within a list. You can associate tags and labels using the 2 fields on the right side of the editor: 


tags box.png









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Our team remains available to help you take the most of the Schneider Electric Exchange collaborative capabilities.



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