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3 key community features to optimize your posts

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3 key community features to optimize your posts

To get quick answers to your issues in the forums, your posts need to be precise and complete. Learn here three simple ways to enhance a post through the Exchange community.  


As you have probably noticed by now, most interactions are made in the forums. Of course, you are free to ask your questions on the relevant forum, but the way you do it will strongly influence the quantity and quality of the answers you get.


Apart from the title and the main body, your post needs to provide as much relevant information as possible around the topic. Within the main body of the text, images, videos and links can/must be inserted. They allow you to orient toward further content surrounding your topic to provide context and additional information to the reader.


Images, videos, files and links insertion:


To insert a media in your post, start a topic. Under the title field, you will find a tool bar. Select the adequate icons to insert your file. There are different types of media, here is a quick overview:


1. Pictures: click on the camera icon on the toolbar and choose your file. You can explore your personal files or choose an online picture. Use pictures whenever you need to provide visual support to the reader to understand the issue.




2. Videos: on the right of the picture icon, click on the bigger video icon. Paste the URL of the video you want to insert and click on preview. Choose where you want the video within the text: size and alignment. Click on insert video.



3. Links: select the text you want to redirect to a website. Click on the link icon, on the left side of the camera icon. Paste your link and click on Ok. Your text has become green it means the redirection has been added. You may redirect within the platform toward a similar post or to an external website if needed.






If you have any question, you can simply leave your comment below ⬇️




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