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[import] Testing Pulse actions digitally

>>Message imported from previous forum - Category:Scripts and Tips<<
User: ROVSCADAENGINEER, originally posted: 2019-05-23 04:58:04 Id:433
I am wanting to test the feedback loop on a pulse point without using an outstation. Is this possible? how have other people done this?

Reply User: JesseChamberlain, posted: 2019-05-24 02:00:35
The pulse point needs to be online, so I recon you would need an outstation or a simulator.

Reply User: geoffpatton, posted: 2019-05-24 14:00:42
If you are testing, something like, that your buttons on a screen work, you can put the point in override. You still have to have an outstation, channel, etc and all of them set to In Service. You don't actually have to be connected to a device though. Override works when comms is failed.

Reply User: sbeadle, posted: 2019-05-24 14:21:09
That's right Geoff. Another tip - override won't be available if the point configuration is not valid (e.g. if not configured with an RTU).