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[import] Password Bug?

>>Message imported from previous forum - Category:ClearSCADA Software<<
User: amanshow, originally posted: 2019-01-03 03:34:14 Id:340
Good day.

I created two new users in a project and placed in passwords just as how the client wanted it to be. However, last Nov 30, the client reported that the passwords of both account users (e.g. operator & engineer) do not work anymore. I tried to check the expiry period and I set it to 0, just so that the passwords don't expire.

(I have a previous discussion regarding ways on how to make it that passwords don't expire and was advised that I could set the period to 0. That's what I did.)

When I checked SCADA, I found out that the user has been unchecked when I clearly remember checking it many times to make sure both accounts were checked (or in service). So what I did anyway was check it and then changed the password.

Just today, the client contacted me again because the password for the operator account did not work. I have yet to check it but is it possible there could be something in the program that's affecting it? I've already set the expiry to 0. Should I set a proper amount instead?

Appreciate any help. Thank you!

Reply User: sbeadle, posted: 2019-01-03 08:45:12
User accounts will be disabled after x incorrect attempts. You can change this number in the user properties 'Allow Failed Logons' (if per-user settings are enabled) or in the Server Config tool. 0 means unlimited.

Don't forget that export or import of users within .sde files will remove (randomise) their passwords. i.e. you can't export, users with passwords, and importing users also will randomise the password so it can't be used.

Reply User: amanshow, posted: 2019-01-04 05:40:20
Thank you so much for the reply! I truly appreciate it.

Reply User: adamwoodland, posted: 2019-01-08 00:04:45
The events against the user should give a clue as to why its becoming disabled