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Lieutenant JG

What is the difference between Removing & Disabling alarms in ViewX?

Customer support question:

hi jeroen

when we right click any object in the database bar

what will be the difference between remove alarm & disable alarm

in the manual, i can see "Response" but in the viewX i cn't find it

Lieutenant JG

Re: What is the difference between Removing & Disabling alarms in ViewX?

The difference is as follows:


Removing alarms:
When the Remove or Remove Alarms option is selected, ClearSCADA/GeoSCADA removes the alarm from the Alarm Banner and Alarms Lists. Additionally, the alarm flag is cleared from other displays, such as Mimics. Removing the alarm creates a record in the Events List (see Events in the ClearSCADA Guide to ViewX and WebX Clients).

Disable alarms:
When the Disable Alarms action is used, alarms are disabled (withheld) for an item. This means that:
•The alarm actions for the item, such as Acknowledge, are unavailable
•Alarms for the item are no longer shown on the various Alarms displays.
•ClearSCADA/GeoSCADA continues to detect alarm conditions for the item. When the item’s alarms are enabled again, the Alarms displays will show information about the item’s alarms. This will include any alarms that were detected while the item had its alarms disabled.
•Any alarm redirections for the item are canceled while the item’s alarms are disabled. When the item’s alarms are enabled again, any redirections for alarms that occurred during the disabled alarm period are not applied.

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