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Geo SCADA Expert Forum
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Welcome to Geo SCADA Expert

Dear All,


welcome to the Geo SCADA Expert Forum. We'll be growing the amount of information here, and also don't forget to consult the Resource Center for more information too.


The address of this has moved - it's now at:




Re: Welcome to Geo SCADA Expert

That link does not appear to work.


Re: Welcome to Geo SCADA Expert

The Resource Centre is currently down. They're working on it and hopefully it's back up and running soon.


In the meantime, here are download links to the last set of Monthly builds for June 2019.


ClearSCADA 2017 R3 June 2019 Update (80.7126.1)

Release Notes:

Software Image:


ClearSCADA 2017 R2 June 2019 Update (79.7126.1)

Release Notes:

Software Image:


ClearSCADA 2017 June 2019 Update (78.7119.1)

Release Notes:

Software Image:


Updates are a combination of our Service Pack and Hotfix releases, rolled up into a single Monthly Update for each version, inclusive of recent bug fixes and put through the latest Windows Patch testing.


Each Update is a full installation just like the Initial Release – not a patch – which can be used to upgrade to the latest Monthly Update from a previous version (don’t forget to read the upgrade notes), or use to start a brand-new installation.


File Hashes

To be used as a separate source of verification which you can use to check that the downloads for ClearSCADA are correct. The SHA256 algorithm is used for ClearSCADA 2017 R2 on, with SHA1 used for previous releases. Use the command line ‘certUtil -hashfile pathToFileToCheck SHA256’ (or SHA1).





ClearSCADA 2017 R3 June’19



ClearSCADA 2017 R2 June’19



ClearSCADA 2017 June’19




Re: Welcome to Geo SCADA Expert

Site move now complete - find it at:

Re: Welcome to Geo SCADA Expert

Excited to see another community on Exchange! 

Re: Welcome to Geo SCADA Expert

Thanks for Sharing!!

EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert software is an integrated, scalable and reliable Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software with ready-to-use telemetry features optimized for managing remote assets spread across the geographically dispersed infrastructure.


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