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Using ServerObject.Interface to read array-based properties

Hi all,


Is it at all possible to read array-based properties using ServerObject.Interface in Scripting?


I am trying to read out the VectorValues property of a CProfileFloat profile object and populate a Form with the individual array values.


I can't get ServerObject.Interface to work at all as it complains about type mismatches.


I was doing something like:


Set FlowProfile = Server.FindObject(sFlowProfilePointFullName)

Vector1 = FlowProfile.Interface.VectorValues(0)


which did not work.


What is the correct way to do this?

Lieutenant JG

Re: Using ServerObject.Interface to read array-based properties

@rlao works for me...


Dim scxServer As ScxV6Server
Set scxServer = New ScxV6Server
scxServer.Connect "Test", "superuser", "superusersuperuser"
Dim objDoubleArray As ScxV6Object
Set objDoubleArray = scxServer.FindObject("New Float")

Dim arrDoubleArray
arrDoubleArray = objDoubleArray.Property("VectorValues")


[apologies for bad variable names etc etc... definitely awkward having an array called 'arrDoubleArray' that is full of 'Singles' ;)]

Lead Control Systems Engineer for Alliance Automation (VIC).
All opinions are my own and do not represent the opinions or policies of my employer, or of my cat..

Re: Using ServerObject.Interface to read array-based properties

The following JScript example works in a mimic script:


var Profile = Server.FindObject( "Time Profiles.Float" );
var Values = Profile.Interface.VectorValues;
var Times = Profile.Interface.VectorTimes;

var FirstValue = Values.getItem(0);
var FirstTime = Times.getItem(0);


I've not tried this from VBScript.


Andrew Scott, Lead Engineer, AVEVA

Re: Using ServerObject.Interface to read array-based properties

Hi Andrew,


I'm trying to do this in VBScript, but your reply actually helped me figure out what I was doing wrong.


Basically, in addition to what I was doing in my original post, I was also trying to read VectorValues out into a ReDim variable sized to the MaxVectors of the float profile. Turns out that doesn't work and the solution was actually much, much simpler than what I was trying to do.


It was more or less like your JScript answer:


Set FlowProfile = Server.FindObject(sFlowProfileFullName)
Dim FlowArray
FlowArray = FlowArray.Interface.VectorValues

Flow1 = FlowArray(0)
Flow2 = FlowArray(1)
Flow3 = FlowArray(2) etc...


Extremely simple and I can't believe it took me this long to figure out.