[Imported] obtaining update key for clearscada trial version


[Imported] obtaining update key for clearscada trial version

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User: ahmaddiab1, originally posted: 2019-10-21 16:24:16 Id:591
Dear all,
I want to configure an FTP service for sending data to clearscada as a test,
I configured a "New Direct Outstation" from the "SCADAPackE" of the "DNP3" and I applied the required configuration by assigning the default IP address, selecting FTP server service and enabling the service.

After creating the "New Direct Outstation", I got a message which says that an update key is required in order to activate the "New Direct Outstation". Is there a way to obtain an update key for the trial version of the clearscada?


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Hmm, not quite sure what update key would be in this case.

DNP3Secure has an update key, assuming you're not using that feature then you should be able to disable that on the Security tab and it should be ok to continue assuming its not enabled at the RTU too.

The only other thing I can think of is you're installed the DNP3-WITS driver which will stop any DNP3 from working. If you have installed that driver, you'll need to uninstall the DNP3-WITS driver and the generic DNP3 driver then should jump into life for the trial.


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It is already disabled in the security tab and I still get a configuration error as per the attached screenshot. Could you please advise?


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That error relates to the RTU address already assigned to another RTU on the set. Nothing to do with DNP3Secure.

If you double-click the error it takes you to (or should!) the field which is causing the problem.


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What I am trying to test is to set an FTP service in the ClearSCADA and send data from an email to the email assigned to the ClearSCADA. Can this be tested from the trial version of ClearSCADA? If yes, could you guide me through the steps?


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Ok, that DNP3 FTP configuration is the functionality to configure at the RTU, nothing to do with ClearSCADA other than using it to define the configuration.

ClearSCADA doesn't have an FTP server, you'll need to use Windows IIS or some third party provider of FTP.

If you need to send emails look at alarm redirections, or Crystal Reports used to be able to send emails (I haven't checked recently to ensure it still can).

Could you clarify the link between FTP and sending emails? They're different protocols using different services so I'm a little confused as to what exactly you're trying to do.


November 4 Flag94.97.125.117
I'm referring to the below link to enable FTP in ClearSCADA:


Now you are saying there is no way to enable this on ClearSCADA alone and it needs to be configured on a third-party device and the configuration on clearSCADA needs to match the configuration on a third-party device, am I right?


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That is what I'm clarifying. That configuration you point to is to define the configuration of the SCADPack RTU centrally and allow that configuration to be downloaded to the RTU. Once downloaded the SCADAPack RTU will be an FTP server allowing FTP clients to connect.

That configuration you reference has no impact to the services provided by the ClearSCADA server to its connecting clients, which appears to be what you're trying to do based on your comments, such as:

"I want to configure an FTP service for sending data to clearscada as a test"

"What I am trying to test is to set an FTP service in the ClearSCADA and send data from an email to the email assigned to the ClearSCADA"

If you are trying to send emails to a SCADAPack then it has no email client so that won't work. You can send files to the SCADAPack RTU via FTP but then you have to do something with them within the scope of functionality on the SCADAPack RTU, which is limited.