[Imported] Which driver, simple or advanced modbus?


[Imported] Which driver, simple or advanced modbus?

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**_Good day!_**

**_I have an upcoming project that requires only monitoring of power meters and breaker statuses using ClearSCADA. It connects to PLCs using Modbus protocol. My question is, which driver should rather be used - the simple modbus or advanced modbus?_**

**_Said project doesn't really require anything critical control and has very simple configuration (open/close/trip breaker) and monitoring of power meter statuses._**

**_I appreciate any response. Thank you!_**


ew applications should use the Advanced Modbus driver.
Existing applications that already use the Simple Modbus driver should ideally migrate to the Advanced Modbus driver.

The Advanced drivers have a more sophisticated architecture to them, and are generally better. This is true of OPC, Trio Diagnostic and others.