[Imported] Using Bulk edit tool for Editing Instances


[Imported] Using Bulk edit tool for Editing Instances

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**_I am using Clear scada 2015 r2.
I used Bulk edit tool to make changes to the Template which was successful.
But can we make changes to Object Instances as well. I cannot see any object instance in the tool though.
Please help._**


The BulkEdit user Guide is in the start menu, you might find helpful.
There are two basic editing functions BulkEdit does. Edit Poperty settings in any object in the database, and edit Property Overrides in the template(s).

There is a bug in Bulk Edit at startup. It starts up with the template database tree that is for editing property overrides but loads the code to edit the object properties. So to get it to behave right, when you first start it, you have to select which form of editing you want to do.

On the button toolbar the first button has the ClearSCADA database Icon, and is for Logout and Reload Database, the second button loads the Properties editing, and the third button loads the Property override editing.

Use the second button to load the properties editing to edit the instances properties.


**_That was helpfull.
Thank you for the response._**


You are welcome.
That bug had me going nuts until I figured it out, sometimes it worked as I expected and others it did not.