[Imported] To Relocate Alarm Banner location


[Imported] To Relocate Alarm Banner location

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User: KylePaynter123, originally posted: 2019-10-08 21:26:03 Id:535
Hi guys

We have a start up configuration file that works on a 4 screen orientation, it's working well on other clients who also have 4 screens orientation, but on one particular machine , when a user logs on the to the system the banner opens on Screen 4 rather than screen 2.
Based on our XML script, it should work fine on this machine as it does on others.

Taking into consideration that it works fine (opens on screen 4) on the other clients who all have the same XML script.

Any suggestions or ideas whats's up ?


Re: [Imported] To Relocate Alarm Banner location

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Reply From User: CraigL, posted: 2019-10-09 06:30:45
This sounds like a multi-monitor issue (as previously logged in _SUP-10111_ and _SUP-10535_, amongst others) Taken from SUP-10535:

_This is a Windows issue. The Windows Display Settings configuration utilises a physical monitor number to help a user express how the monitors are physically positioned relative to each other. That numbering scheme is only relevant to Display Settings and is not accessible programmatically for other Windows applications._

As the client enumerates the connected monitors, the order in which they are enumerated is not guaranteed (this is something Windows does for us, and is out of our control) The monitor number in the _StartupConfiguration.xml_ in reality, relates to the order the monitors are enumerated. It **does not** relate to the monitor numbers shown in the Windows Display Settings page.

In this instance, I would suggest that the client experiencing the problems uses its own copy of the StartupConfiguration.xml file, with the monitor numbers adjusted such that banner window opens on the desired screen.

Revised support for multi-monitor configuration, which addresses this problem, is available in V82.7186 and later.

Reply From User: sbeadle, posted: 2019-10-10 10:34:41
We are planning to release the revised support in Geo SCADA 2019.

Reply From User: KylePaynter123, posted: 2019-10-12 03:53:13
Noted and understood we edited the StartupConfiguration.xml file with some success however as you mentioned it's a bit of guessing 🙂 where stuff will end up.