[Imported] Scadapack trend sample data


[Imported] Scadapack trend sample data

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**_I have setup the RTU to trend pulse counts every 15mins. One record logs the change and the other logs the current value.The RTU creates files which I can retrieve using E Configurator. In CS I have setup the Trend points and they only seem to update when I manually retrieve them by right clicking on the RTU, where do I set up the file uplad Frequency ?_**



I've never used these before, but the help doc goves you this information at:

Driver Reference DNP3 SCADAPack E Driver Configuring DNP3 SCADAPack E Trend Sampler Functionality Example Configuration

The outstation should have SCADAPack Tab. In that tab under Trend Retrieval you can set when CS will retieve the tend data from the RTU.


I would not recommend using Trend Points. They are incredibly specific to SCADAPack RTUs, and aren't really 'standard' in any means.

If you want a trend, you can get the same by using normal DNP3 points which are historised.

If you have the pulse counter feeding a DNP3 Counter point (as happens by default) then you just configure a Class against the counter, and a deadband for the events to be generated. When ClearSCADA does a poll then it will retrieve the DNP3 event records for the Counter point, and you'll have your trend available...