[Imported] Prevent Default Mimic Creation


[Imported] Prevent Default Mimic Creation

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User: geoffpatton, originally posted: 2019-05-22 16:56:50 Id:430
Thank you Dustin Symes for preserving this on your blog and Adam Woodland for originally telling us about this on the old forum.

In CS2017 R1 and newer you can disable the creation of the Default mimic inside a new group. This is SUPER handy for those of us that like to keep their databases clean.

On your ClearSCADA server find the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Schneider Electric\\ClearSCADA\\DB\\CreateDefaultMimicInNewGroup

Set to True by default, set it False and restart the server to disable the creation of the Default mimic in new groups. Thanks Adam Woodland for finding this and sharing it on the forums!