[Imported] Hightlight database tree from Script


[Imported] Hightlight database tree from Script

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(Thanks to geoffpatton for the suggestion to publish in this thread)
I need to find an object in the database, which is not a problem using: set obj = Server.LookUpObject(Id)
The challenge is how to highlight obj in the database tree in the current instance of ViewX from one script program?
It seems to be that the script world (Automation server, Mimic Scripts, COM, .NET) is separated from the current instance of ViewX ( the one that appears when the program is started).
There is an undocumented interface to ViewX, but this works only on created instances of ViewX.
Thank you for your help, Mauricio_**


What you've asked for isn't really supported within ViewX.
You may be able to get this to work using the undocumented ViewX COM interface, but it wouldn't be recommended.

There is a context menu option 'Locate in Database Explorer', is this not essentially what you're trying to do?