[Imported] DNP3 SCADAPack E Pulse Action (NULL) Point Control


[Imported] DNP3 SCADAPack E Pulse Action (NULL) Point Control

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I am trying to use Server Scripting to Write to a DNP3 SCADAPack E Pulse Action (NULL) Point. Has anyone got experience with this? I would like to specify number of pulses, On Time as well as Off Time._**

Doing this behaviour in the client (scripting) is typically far from ideal, it should be ran as close to the device as possible to reduce the risk of the process terminating early and so later actions failing (think network failures or socket problems). Doing it at the server (logic) rather than the client (scripting) is better assuming you can't do it at the RTU.
Personally I'd use a SFC if I had to do this in ClearSCADA, but its whatever you'd feel more comfortable with.


You can do this using the **Inching** method in the **CDBPulse** database table.

The method has arguments for the number of pulses, the on time duration and the off time duration.

Before you can use this method it must be enabled on the pulse action's form.

There is more detail available in the ClearSCADA documentation:

[https://www.citect.schneider-electric.com/scada/clearscada/help/2017r2/#DNP3DriverGuide/Inching.htm]... "https://www.citect.schneider-electric.com/scada/clearscada/help/2017r2/#DNP3DriverGuide/Inching.htm")