[Imported] ClearSCADA to SCADAPack or PLC?


[Imported] ClearSCADA to SCADAPack or PLC?

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User: florian, originally posted: 2018-10-25 20:02:37 Id:295
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**_I am wondering if it's possible for ClearSCADA to act as E-Config/Workbench to the SCADAPack or as UnityPro to PLCs? To simply put, instead of using the usual software to create configuration and logic for tags in Workbench or UnityPro, ClearSCADA will be used to create tags, make configurations and create logics and then embed them to the PLCs or SCADAPack directly?_**

**_Thank you. Any help or reply would be appreciated._**


The intgration between ClearSCADA and SCADAPack means that you can create configuration in ClearSCADA with the DNP3 SCADAPack objects and these can be pushed out to the SCADAPack. Logic for the SCADAPacks can't be created in ClearSCADA but can be created in the relevant software, then attached to the Outstation object and that will also be downloaded.

PLCs and other RTUs you'll need the official software, ClearSCADA only has integration for SCADAPacks


**_Thank you very much for the response! Appreciate it. Have a good day._**