[Imported] ClearSCADA integration with IP cameras


[Imported] ClearSCADA integration with IP cameras

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**_I wanted to know if it is possible to integrate IP cameras with ClearSCADA for video surveillance. The video relay should be embedded in the mimic itself. I have tried hyperlinking but the display opens up in a new browser. Please help!_**


Can only think of using the remote image functionality refreshing ever few seconds. Most IP cameras provide a http interface with the images provided.

Note that this web interface would need to be accessible by the ViewX/WebX client and this would likely be a problem with network security (as in you don't let anyone just access those IP addresses?). In which case you may have to write some code that brings the latest image for each camera to a central web server and provide the images from that server. Depening on the network link to the cameras it may also help with performance.



I think the next version of ClearSCADA supports embedding web pages in ViewX. You could then have the video on a web page on a local web server and link to it from ViewX.


Hi. In ClearSCADA 2017, there are tools for working with IP video cameras? There were tools for displaying the video stream MPEG4?


Nothing to add since the functionality is the same. If the camera has a web server, then you can stream it in ClearSCADA via the browser windows embedded in the Mimic or just opening a hyperlink to the camera's web server. Just make sure there is bandwidth to support the camera stream on the network.