[Imported] ClearSCADA OPC DA & AE nor browse on Localhost.


[Imported] ClearSCADA OPC DA & AE nor browse on Localhost.

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User: florian, originally posted: 2018-10-24 18:06:43 Id:188
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Recently we are facing an issue of hardisk failure on our Standby server.
After restoration work completed all systems are working ok accept OPC DA & AE. we cant browse OPC on Standby Server.
Note: Server Configure with HOT-Standby Mode._**


Does the new server have the same IP address (and hostname) as the old server?

How are you trying to do the OPC browsing? Are you using the ClearSCADA Data Access Component which performs OPC tunnelling, or are you trying to remotely access the raw OPC DA component on the ClearSCADA server?
What are the OPC references (ProgID etc) that you are trying to use?