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**_We have two complete databases with similar structure. One is the backup of February 13 (database A)and other is the backup of the February 15 (database B)._**

**_Obviously the database B have more historic files, but the files .data in the path Database\\Config are corrupted._**

**_There are not configuration changes between February 13 and February 15. Could do we copy all files .data from Database A to Database B (path Database\\Config)?_**

**_What information store the files ClearSCADAConfig0001.data, ClearSCADAConfig0002.data,ClearSCADAConfigStr.data, ClearSCADAConfigTrans.data?_**



It really depends on how the databases got their configurations.

If Database B is really a copy of Database A (and I mean an actual copy, I don't mean that it just contains the same items with the same configuration values) then you could indeed just copy the Config files from Database A to Database B.

However... the most important thing here is that ALL the object IDs must be identical between the two systems. This does not occur if you have just copied objects, or used Export/Import to bring items in. It will certainly not be the case if you have manually created items in both databases.

The ClearSCADAConfig.dat files just contain a disk version of the configuration fields for the Database (as if you view the Schema.. under the Configuration Fields entries).
The ClearSCADAData.dat files just contain a disk version of the data fields for the Database...