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[Imported] Alarm Count Query

>>Message imported from previous forum - Category:Scripts and Tips<<
User: Curious, originally posted: 2019-10-15 20:08:33 Id:560
I have a Point configured as an Alert Alarm. It has a redirection on it to escalate to a Warning after 60 secs. The redirection is aborted if the Alarm Clears before 60 seconds.
I will like an efficient query to check how many times it has been triggered as an alert without being escalated to a Warning.
Any Ideas on a Query for this?


Re: [Imported] Alarm Count Query

Hi Curious.

Naturally you can search the event log, and if this is for occasional viewing and reporting it might be the best.

If you want 'live' counting for individual alarms then it could be impractical, and you might want to consider using Logic or Calculation points. Both can be triggered off alarm transitions and count to a point.


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Re: [Imported] Alarm Count Query


another option might be to have a pair of Method Alarm Redirections.  The first executes immediately (0s delay) for the low severity only, and increments the value of an Internal Analog Point.  The second executes immediately for the Elevated severity only and decrements the value of the same Internal Analog Point.


It's definitely a bit of a cludge, but I think in regards to database efficiency it would be quite high.

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Re: [Imported] Alarm Count Query

Nice idea!