[Imported] Accumulator to get Flow Total


[Imported] Accumulator to get Flow Total

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User: MikeForshock, originally posted: 2019-10-10 21:36:49 Id:540
We have a Flow (GPH) coming in via an Analog Point.
We would like to create a totalizer (total volume) that continues until manually reset by the operator.

Have tried nearly every variation of processing options (Current, Value Change, Timed Report, etc.) combined with the Timed Report and End of Period Reset interval.

Should only need the EOP interval to 1H, but the value is almost always x60. Additionally displaying a historical tag for Total over an hour shows an erroneous value.
We have created a random number generator that varies from 60-60.000001 to cause value change, so would expect ~60 over a hour but that is not the case.

Previously we had to create an additional Calculation point and divide the GPH by 3600 to get the calculated value. This wastes a point...
Timed Report Int: 10S
Timed Report Offset: M
EOP Int: 0 (No reset period)
EOP Offset: Day
Historic Filter Checked for all