[Imported] 2017 R2 does not start a blank database it loads the Demo project


[Imported] 2017 R2 does not start a blank database it loads the Demo project

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**_2017 R2_**
**_I was trying to load a Blank project to import in an export, but every time I deleted the database folder I would get the demo project loaded. I had to login as the super user and delete all the groups to get a blank database._**


What are the two values on your server set to in:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Schneider Electric\\ClearSCADA\\ConfigSamples

If either InstallExampleDatabase or InstallSymbolLibrary is set to 1 then each time the database is blanked and started the example database and/or symbols are imported.

Set them to 0, blank database, and start and you should get the pink icon. Hit start and it should be blank.

These get set from the Config Samples options under Server in the installer.


(or just deselect the configuration samples when you run the installer)


**_Thanks guys, I have never seen that in the setup and never selected it before._**


Can you customize the demo and symbols database/SDEs to your own custom file instead? Might be handy for us integrators who need to start new databases from scratch with our base setup often.


The example/demo sdes are just files on the server. If you find them and replace their content, it will change what is used on startup with a blank db.