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Geo SCADA Expert Forum
Make the most of your remote operations with end-to-end solutions with Process Automation’s SCADA and Telemetry Solutions. With the challenges that remote sites present, reliable communications for remote operation, monitoring & management are vital in enhancing productivity and ensuring profitability.
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Geo SCADA : where to write the code?

Hi, where to write the code on the Geo SCADA.
A pick action or in visual studio as a seperate app?



Lieutenant JG

Re: Geo SCADA Web Services

Did my response to your last question adequately answer it?  If so, please mark my response as 'the answer'.


You appear to now be asking another completely different question.  Please ensure that you create a new thread for new questions.

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Re: Geo SCADA Web Services

Hello both of you,


I have moved the question to create a new thread.


Have a nice day 😊

Firdous - Animation and Moderation Exchange Community Team

Re: Geo SCADA Web Services

More detail is needed on the nature of the data retrieval.

The Geo SCADA ODBC Driver (the telemetry device driver, not the ODBC server) can be used in many ways to get data from a source database. However, more custom applications for data retrieval will require the Driver Dev Kit (DDK):