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Geo Map object left mouse click

Hello, we made a query to display objects on a map based on gps location.

we are able to right click on the object to show a menu, like below



we would like to disable the right click options and instead to navigate with a left click to a mimic relative to the object displayed (an instance in this case).


is this possible? if yes how?


Thanks in advance,


Johnny Bos



Lieutenant JG

Re: Geo Map object left mouse click

on the map layer you could create an invisible box & have a hyperlink method configured on it (ie. to a faceplate mimic). Once the user clicks it will essentially be one-click navigation 

Lieutenant JG

Re: Geo Map object left mouse click

Hi @Jimi 

Unless GeoSCADA Expert has changed in the past few weeks, the Map displays are not standard Mimics. They don't really have layers that can be freely configured with mimic objects etc.

It's just an embedded webkit engine which has a javascript WMS engine streamed into it, and some hooks into the ClearSCADA query engine.


There are ways to get data into the map displays, via customised User Queries which can return HTML that the webkit engine can then follow.  But to do such it would first need to pull up the POI popup, which would require browsing over a POI.. then it would need a click within the POI popup.


Re: Geo Map object left mouse clickT

Thanks for your answer, it might be a solution for us. we will try solving it this way.


what is see now is we have popup on the POI, it is visible when i hover over it.

but the popup disappears when i move the mouse to the popup because the mouse is leaving the POI, example below.

any advise?


Thanks for your answer.







Lieutenant JG

Re: Geo Map object left mouse clickT

Ohh yes, I remember this behaviour now.

I don't think I ended up looking into it any more beyond that sorry.


I'd probably try a slightly larger popup, add some more content, maybe just another 4 or 5 blank lines.

I have a recollection of being able to have the cursor over the popup, and to highlight text etc.  But this might just be my bad memory telling me lies.


It's probably something that is worth contacting your local Tech Support about, if for nothing else than so that they can put your comments against an enhancement request.  So that your use case is captured.

Schneider are generally quite responsive on such things if there is enough interest, and it's always good to have your comments with the vendor anyway... it means they don't just walk their own way down the windy road...


Re: Geo Map object left mouse clickT

Thanks for this additional info, i will test the option with blank lines.

and contact support.


Thanks again,




Other advices still welcome!


Re: Geo Map object left mouse click

Jimi, thanks for your reply.


but like bevan_weiss said i think this is not possible because this i not a standard mimic, but it is generated.

i could be that i don't understand what you mean, but if it is still possible could you give me some more details.


Thanks for your answer anyway.

Lieutenant JG

Re: Geo Map object left mouse click

Hi Johnny,

I just tested what @BevanWeiss said & it's correct. I wasn't clear to me you were using map objects, what I suggested will only work on regular mimics. 


Re: Geo Map object left mouse click

Jimi, Thanks for your additional testing and posting your results.


We do some tests with the POI popup, else we need to use the right click menu.