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Lieutenant JG

Forum Code sections


Hi Steve,

Not sure who else might be in charge on this forum, but it would be great if the Code section Languages could be altered to include support for a few others that would be particularly ClearSCADA relevant..


We really need to have

  • VB / VBA / VBscript
  • SQL
  • IEC 61131-3 Structured Text


I'm not too sure how the code formatting is implemented in this forum, whether it would handle some certain format specifier (ala Notepad++) or such.


The current supported languages are as below, you can see only one is really relevant to ClearSCADA.

2019-11-29 23_43_07-Clipboard.png


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Re: Forum Code sections

Hi Bevan,

The languages section supports 10.

The software is Khoros Communities - managed by SE marketing.

It does not currently do VB or SQL, but I will ask through my contacts.

I doubt they will add 1131-3!


Thanks for the feedback.

[You can call me the Admiral!]

Lieutenant JG

Re: Forum Code sections

@sbeadle ,

If you have feedback regarding how it went on the 'ask through my contacts' aspect then I can mark the response as 'the solution'.


Otherwise I guess I'll have to polish up my Notepad++ code colourer and go to HTML / Rich Text copy/past into the forum.






Re: Forum Code sections

Not yet, but has gone to the support team.