External Authentication on ClearScada


External Authentication on ClearScada

Hi we are looking at options available for using external authentication.


It appears to allow a user to login without having a user account created previously? If so does it create an account automatically after the first login? How would it assign it to a user group especially if using different regions?


Is there a way to manually create the user account and give it various access level required and use the authentication to keep the password the same as the windows password. (Username would be the same too)


Not tested this much just trying to understand it first




Re: External Authentication on ClearScada



External Authentication uses Active Directory or LDAP to authenticate users. There is no password 'sync', which would not be secure. What happens is that the server requests authorisation from the AD or LDAP source when users log in.


There are two main ways to set up and use the authentication - the first is just to allow the authorisation to take place, and the second is to allow the user accounts to be created and synchronised to the group memberships of users, which assigns Geo SCADA user group membership according to Windows user account group memberships.


Please search help for "Using External Authentication with Geo SCADA Expert".