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Embedded List in WebX not scrollable


Hi all!!


Does anybody know the reason why an operator from a remote WebX Client can't control the navigation bar on the right side from an embedded list (up/down). If he try to shift the full event list (=embedded list) with the navigation buttons up/down then nothing happens. The list is like frozen. On the other side if I for myself try to move the embedded list down from the internet explorer 11 from my PC then it works. Why it works on my PC and not on the PC from the remote operator ??


I would be very glad if anyone had an idea what can be the reason. Thanks!!


Best regards



Re: Embedded List in WebX not scrollable

I have never had this happen, but I would try deleting the ActiveX and reinstalling it on the Remote Operator's PC.

Lieutenant JG

Re: Embedded List in WebX not scrollable

When you say 'navigation buttons', you mean using the scroll bar right?

So clicking the up/down at the ends of the scroll bar don't work, how about trying to 'slide' the scroll bar?


What OS and browser are they using?

Are they using the browser on their local computer, or are they connecting via a Citrix/Remote Desktop service?


I have seen this issue when using Citrix, and it was a weird Citrix 'thing'.  Logging out and back into a new session fixed it each time it happened.

As @geoffpatton has mentioned, I would try to remove and reinstall the ActiveX control.

I would also have the user try a different computer, to see if it's profile based, or just computer based.