ClearSCADA - GeoSCADA Tune Limit function


ClearSCADA - GeoSCADA Tune Limit function

We would like to use the Tune Limit function in our system but limit it to only the High and Low alarm points.  Is there a way to limit the availability of the limits to the Controller?  Also would be attractive to be able to define limits for the tuning range as well.

Anybody aware of this capability? 

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Re: ClearSCADA - GeoSCADA Tune Limit function

We've currently do something like this in our systems, but to my knowledge it has to be scripted.  You'd create a form for user input for a high/low value, you can even pull in the current acceptable ranges to the form and show them as static text.  Have some checkboxes for enabled/disabled, etc..


Once the user hits OK, you'd commit the changes.  It's a workaround, but I'm fairly certain it's the only workaround. 

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Re: ClearSCADA - GeoSCADA Tune Limit function

When using a SCADAPack E in combination with GeoSCADA (ClearSCADA), this is a fully integrated feature.

1, You'd need to create a SCADAPack E type object

2, after configuration right click on the object in the DB view & you'll see all of the available config options

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Re: ClearSCADA - GeoSCADA Tune Limit function

@Jimi The Tune Limits is a built in capability of the SCADAPack DNP3 Points, but restricting which limits can be tuned is not.

And there is not a way to restrict what the values for the tune limits can be (apart from being within Underrange/Overrange).


I think what the OP is after is a way to restrict the High Tuned Limit to be within some range (such as 150-250) whilst the Low Tuned Limit could only be in another range (like 25-50).. with the Underrange and Overrange still set as required at 0 and 1000.

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